--- NIMBUS E1 500 ---

Switch on/off

You must switch both the remote and the board on. The board will show a green light and the remote will start blinking blue. Wait for a few seconds and the board will also start blinking blue, meaning that they are connected. How to turn the Nimbus ON How to turn the Remote ON

Speed up / Brake / Reverse

Push forward to speed up and push backwards to brake and go backwards. How to Speed up and brake with the Nimbus

Select mode

Select the Fast or Slow mode on the left side of the remote.

Discover the Sport Mode and Slow Mode with the Nimbus's Remote

Child safe

Activating the Child Safe will disable the Fast mode. Put the button on the left position to activate it. To unlock the Fast mode again, turn the button to the right.

Use the Child Safe mode with the Nimbus's Remote


--- NEW NIMBUS ---


Switch on/off

- Press the power button of the remote for 2 seconds.

- Press the power button of the board for 2 seconds.

Speed up / Brake / Reverse

Push forward to speed up and push backwards to brake.


Select mode

This board ships in beginner mode. Before following the instructions
below to switch modes, make sure you have mastered the use of the
remote and board.
Click on the right button to switch mode. The four LEDs will show the selected
mode by flashing more or less quickly.

Sport Mode : 32 Km/h 
City Mode : 25 Km/h
Eco mode : 15 Km/h


 WARNING: The Throttle Wheel is much more sensitive in 2nd and 3rd mode.
To avoid getting thrown off the back of the board, follow these tips:
• Start by moving forward as slowly as possible.
• Move the Throttle Wheel in small increments.
• Keep a wide stance on the board.
• Keep a low center of gravity.
• Lean forward when accelerating.
• Lean backward when braking.

Check the Remote Battery


Check the Board Battery from the Remote