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News from the team

News from the team

Nimbus and Pocket Rocket prototypes for CES Asia 2016


It's been a few months since our last update and a lot has happened since then.

Here is the update :

We just received the first shipment of E1 and we started to deliver to our first customers! Can't wait for their feedback and see people riding our electric skateboards!


Two weeks ago we were exhibiting at CES Asia in Shanghai. We presented two new very exciting products that will be released later this year.

The NIMBUS was made for people that won't sacrifice either weight and portability or speed and torque. We kept it single drive but designed a new 600W hub motor. We also increased the battery capacity to match the motor's consumption. Here is the performance we currently have :

Speed : 25 Km/h. We believe it is more than enough for a relatively small skateboard. 

Range : 7 Km. It is clearly too short to match our expectations. We are testing different types of battery cells and improving the software settings. We will not release it unless we reach 10Km range in real conditions.

Weight : 4,7 Kg. After testing it in real conditions we believe that it is still light enough to carry it in the subway whenever needed.

Charge time : 45 min using the fast charger, 2h30 using the regular one.

At CES over 100 people tested it and the result was extremely positive. We believe that if we manage to increase the range while keeping the same weight and performance, the Nimbus will be an excellent product.


The POCKET ROCKET was made for people who want to feel like driving a supercar: You get scared before reaching the to speed. The Pocket Rocket is a dual hub motor electric skateboard. 800 watts of power, directly in the wheels. Keep in mind that its length is below 750 mm, so the feeling of speed comes weigh earlier than on a longboard. The point is definitely not to hit the world speed record, but to get a lot of adrenaline. The weight and range are not optimal and there is still a lot of work to turn this prototype into a real product. In fact the two motors consume a lot of battery and we are trying to figure out how to keep a long battery range without sacrificing too much its weight.

Elwing Boards at CES Asia 2016

The CES was a great experience for us. The NIMBUS was very appreciated by visitors, media and potential distributors.

Here is a couple of links talking about us :






Next steps : Guarantee our customer satisfaction and bring the Nimbus to the market !


Elwing Team

News from the team

News from the team

Since we're getting close to our first shipping, it's time to give you some news.

The past few weeks have been quite intense for us.

1. Given our commitment to build an extremely light product, we had to optimize every single piece and reduce space as much as possible. We are very proud to have such a lightweight board. The biggest difficulty is to keep enough power and top speed. After many tries, we're really stoked to tell you that we managed to raise top speed to 18km/h !

Don't expect to get freaked out at such a speed, it's NOT insane. However it is enough for a cruise in a city, and that's what we designed the E1 for.

E1 electric skateboard Gael


2. We got the CE certification ! This means we reached the European standards and we can guarantee that our product is safe. Since lately a lot of "hover boards" had quality issues and caused some damage, we doubled our vigilance to avoid all quality risk. We are proud to be able to guarantee that our product is made according to the highest quality and safety standards.

E1 electric skateboard CE pass


3. First production batch is ready to go! We finished the inspection a few hours ago. We checked all the 50 boards one by one with a huge check list.

E1 electric skateboard batch 1

We are waiting for the last validation from European customs that our product fits all the required standards. Chances are that we ship early February!


The team

Are Electric skateboards the best rideables ?

If you wonder if electric skateboards are really relevant for urban commuting, Fortune magazine explains pretty well why they can be better than electric bikes, kickscooters, hoverboards...


Weight is one of the reasons why electric skateboards beat the others, and we're proud to be the lightest so far.